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Stevo G-D

Well may I be the first to say Congratulations to both of you. Did you get down on one knee? Did you ask her dad first of all?


Bagsy congratulationsing second. Congratulations.

Pixie Malone

Yes indeed, congratulations. Should I be saving up for a flight to Bermuda?


congratulations sir

The Trotter

Cheers all for the congratulationses.

Stevie G - Yes I did get down on one knee. You've got to really haven't you?

I didn't ask permission i'm afraid. He was a bit far away to visit in person and I'm not sure it would have been the same over Skype. Anyway, this is 2006 for Christ's sake!

Mr Malone - I honestly don't know how we're going to do it. We'll let you know when we know.

Ed - Cheers, you'll have to give us some tips!

Kathryn Shaw

Lovely view of the crane.
Big Sis X

PS The Shaw contingent are delighted. Might we suggest Barbados for the nuptials, in the school holidays of course!!!

Mum and Dad (Holden)

Needless to say the Holden family and friends are delighted - already looking at hats!

The Trotter

Can always rely on you to see the Crane in every picture Kathryn! Sorry I didn't have them move it for you.

All this talk of hats is making me perspire. I'm off to lie down.


big gay dog - congratulations!! big squeeze to you both.

hope your insurance covers your lost $7 - i am sure you will need all the cash you can lay your hands on for the wedding fund...

The Trotter

Cheers Sonners, hope all is well with the depleted DW crew. Have yourself a turboshandy in my honour on Friday!

Big Bro Paul has been showing off his Photoshop handywork to modify my picture so it's more pleasing to the more critical eyes amongst you.

Crane? What Crane?


Please have it out there. It's freezing here!

helen shreeve

Congratulations!! And I second the advice to do the deed abroad...england is even colder than I remembered!

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