• Img_2816_1Where are you again? Bermuda is in the middle of the Atlantic 650 miles off the US coast in North Carolina, and about 3,400 miles off London.  It's a lot further north than most people think, which is why it is not in the Caribbean (another thing a lot of people think).  It is also not to be confused with the Bahamas, Barbados or Barbuda all of which are in the Caribbean.   Glad we've got that one sorted out. 

·         So why's it so hot if it's that far North?  It's situated right in the middle of the same gulf stream coming from the gulf of Mexico which keeps the British Isles more temperate than they would otherwise be.  Taking notes? 

·         So how hot is it? Since I got here in April it's been shorts and T-shirt weather pretty much constantly.  There are seasons though, and I'm told that in the winter it can get colder however never freezing.  The temperatures quoted on weather websites are lower than it actually feels like due to the high humidity here. 

·        When you coming back?